“As an author, it can be difficult to find good editors. Fortunately, Lindsey Loucks makes the search easy. She is highly trained on spotting the little mistakes that are often easy to miss. Your manuscript will shine when she is finished with it. I highly recommend her!” ~ Bestselling author of the Devil Series, Rachel McClellan

“Lindsey Loucks did an amazing job proofreading my manuscript. She really went above and beyond–not only finding the minor errors that hang around after copyediting, but also unburying dialogue and catching word repetition. I immediately asked her to do my next book and I’m so glad she took the job.” – Linsey Hall

“Lindsey Loucks did a wonderful job proofreading my Indie manuscript. Not only did she catch grammar and spelling issues, but she also pointed out word echoes, and made developmental suggestions to improve the story. But the biggest area she helped me with was improving my craft weakness in ‘burying dialogue.’ And she did all of this in a timely manner. I highly recommend her!” – Deb Herbert

“I was super impressed with the proofreading skills of Lindsey Loucks. Not only does she have a fast turnaround, she goes above and beyond the duties of a proofreader. She provided everything one would expect including fixing errors in punctuation, grammar, and those typos spell check doesn’t catch, then went on to provide suggestions to make the flow of my manuscript better. My favorite part of working with Loucks was that she provided notes so that I don’t make the same errors in the future. The most concise proofreader I’ve ever worked with, I’ll definitely be seeking her services for my future works.” – Natasha Larry

“Lindsey did an amazing job helping me with my story.  If my pacing or phrasing wasn’t working, she not only knew what I was trying to say, but had the perfect way to say it in about half as many words.  She will definitely be reviewing any future stories before they are unleashed upon the public!  10 out of 10, would recommend to a friend.” – J. Andrew Jansen